I’ve recently started a new blog: puzpuzpuz.io. It’s focused on concurrency, databases, and distributed systems. See you there. My Medium blog may get new posts in the future, but for now, I’d like to concentrate on the new blog.

Photo by Philip Brown on Unsplash

If you ever wrote back-end applications in Node.js, you know that tracing the same HTTP request through log entries is a problem. Usually your logs look something like this:

[07/Nov/2018:15:48:11 +0000] User sign-up: starting request validation[07/Nov/2018:15:48:11 +0000] User sign-up: starting request validation[07/Nov/2018:15:48:12 +0000] User sign-up: request validation success

Andrey Pechkurov

Distributed systems gazer. Node.js contributor. Occasional tech blogger and speaker.

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