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  • Max Koretskyi

    Max Koretskyi

    Founder of inDepth.dev community. Passionate about Mentorship, TechEd and WebDev. Angular & React contributor.

  • Jaana Dogan

    Jaana Dogan

    See rakyll.org for more.

  • Node.js


    Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform. https://nodejs.org/en/

  • Sergey Ufocoder

    Sergey Ufocoder

    I’m living in your web browser

  • Glauber Costa

    Glauber Costa

    Veteran infrastructure engineer with decades of experience in low-level systems and databases. Founder and CEO of ChiselStrike

  • Ufuk Yılmaz

    Ufuk Yılmaz

  • Enes Akar

    Enes Akar

    Cofounder @Upstash

  • Chris Vest

    Chris Vest

    Abstraction, Simplicity & Concurrency. Dragon keeper at @Neo4j Zoo.

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